Monday, December 8, 2014

"Changing with the Seasons"

Before the cold weather officially plants its feet for the winter and the outdoors become blanketed in snow, I try to make it a point to spend as much time with nature as possible. Fall is the perfect time of year to spend that extra hour we get here and there outside, breathing in fresh air, and soaking up nature's abundant benefits. I personally am a summer girl through and through. So I use this as a transitional period for my mind, body, and wardrobe to adjust to the upcoming season, and one way that I peacefully come to terms with this change is through the beauty I find in nature. 
Right before the first official snowfall of the season, we had some almost abnormally warm days that I took advantage of. I have found that often times you don't have to go somewhere exotic or travel far at all to find a beautiful little slice of nature. We often don't realize how accessible this serenity really is. All you need is a little curiosity and sense of adventure to jump in your car and drive a little off your usual path. Take a road you've never taken before or google the nearest hiking trails. It's my go-to way of gaining some perspective and recharging my energy. In the next couple of weeks, the autumn days will come to an end as winter greets us on December 21st, at which point the frigid air becomes strikingly blunt and less peaceful. With this one last adventure I say goodbye to the great outdoors and will be patiently awaiting the return of spring. 

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