Thursday, November 27, 2014

"Learning to be Thankful for the Journey"

Thanksgiving is not only a time to be thankful for what we have in life, but also a time to be thankful for where we are at in our lives as we are each on our own personal journey. We all have these small but meaningful accomplishments, successes or milestones that we reach on our own time and are vital to our personal growth. For me, this feeling of being content with where you're at in life resonates in the song, Fleetwood Mac's "Never Going Back Again". It's about recognizing the progress you've made and the challenges in life you've conquered, whether it be matters of physical or emotional importance. It's about being aware of your place in life and being brave enough to keep moving forward. Regardless of whether you are where you want to be or just starting the journey, be thankful for this place and time in your life, the present. And remember, no matter how many times you've been down, you never have to go back again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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